May 6, 2013

Marlborough Country House

Posted by: ppadmin

A Grade II* Listed Manor House with parts originating back to the 16th Century. Property Pathfinder were called in by the owner to diagnose cracks to a beam casing in the morning room.

Inspection and diagnosis suggested major structural failure in the roof and other components linking to the beam in the morning room.

The property was Grade II* Listed which lead to complex, but successful, negotiations with English Heritage and the local conservation authorities.

A full scope of remedial work including a restructuring of the roof and complete refurbishment of the building was agreed upon as the owner wished to pass the property onto their daughter in first class condition.

This was a 2 year programme involving a team of highly skilled consultants and contractors.

The house has now returned to a comfortable family home with the next generation of owner enjoying the benefit of a full refurbishment.



Architect: David Brain Partnership 

Structural Engineer: Peter Goodhind

Quantity Surveyor: Adrian Stenning

Main Contractor: Ken Biggs Contractors