Oct 18, 2019

New Medieval Inspired Stained Glass

The Design

The client's brief was to create six sheilds of heraldry that represented the six major owners of the house over the past six hundred years of the history of the house. The shields would sit within a new leaded light made as part of this design.

We set out to review medieval stained-glass examples for inspiration, which can be seen below. The stained glass shields we reviewed were typical of the medieval period as being fairly simple in their design.

Once the design inspiration had been completed we commissioned an heraldic artist to design six shield that would fit into the leaded light patterns.

The six heraldic shield artworks can be seen below. This gave the client the opportunity to design the heraldry on paper first before progressing to the stained glass.

Making & Fitting The Stained Glass

The new stained glass was made by Ben Sinclair from Norgrove Studios, an expert in creating new leaded lights and stained glass. Ben set out from the beginning of the project to create new stained glass using historic techniques to ensure an authentically looking historic design once complete.

The new shields were made in his work shop in Reditch using coloured glass and leaded cames that were cemented into position.  

Ben kept the client up to date with pictures of the manufacturing process throughout the project.

Once the shields were completed Ben came to site to fit the leaded lights and stained glass shield.

End Result

The end result was an authentically looking leaded light and stained glass that fitted in with the historic building.


George Lawson