We pride ourselves on our professional approach and ability to offer fair, practical and impartial advice to our clients. We have included a number testimonials below from clients and consultants that we have worked with in recent years.

'Their attention to detail is extraordinary'

Property Pathfinder have been our project manager for the last seven months. They have been at our side the entire way through, ensuring the builders are kept up to date and on time.

Their attention to detail is extraordinary, which one appreciates more and more as the work progresses and their knowledge of how things should be built is fantastic.

All the trades involved seem to have great respect for them and certainly react immediately if anything is requested.

We have had an extremely happy association with Property Pathfinder and the brilliant builders they recommended which has relieved us of much stress and anxiety.

We have no hesitation in recommending Property Pathfinder.

Tim and Annabelle Christie


'...exemplary standard using informed conservation techniques, skill and materials'

Historic England have acknowledged that the building repairs being carried to Icomb Place, are being carried out to an exemplary standard using informed conservation techniques, skill and materials.  

Stephen Guy, Historic England


'...highly professional and technically experienced people who understand the business thoroughly'

Tim Lawson's team at Property Pathfinder provide many advantages to our mutual clients. From our perspective as a main contractor, we know we are dealing with highly professional and technically experienced people who understand the business thoroughly. We have constant access to them for dealing with queries or when asking for technical information.

They clearly take great pride in their professionalism. Communication is exemplary and we have noticed how Tim tries to know each worker on a site by name! This collaborative approach brings out the best in all involved and he commands great respect from clients and workers alike. Equally, if difficult issues need discussing we know that Tim will be tough but fair.

The result for us is that we are managed efficiently, have great communication with the team leader, costs are controlled and delays avoided. For the client this must translate into value for money, access to valuable experience, achieving a high quality building and a happy and enjoyable experience.

It is only in retrospect that the full value and benefits of effective Project Management can be understood and we would heartily recommend Property Pathfinder.

Ben Lang Finance Director, SBL